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CLOVER is a singer-songwriter originally from a small river town in New Jersey. Captivating and perplexing, with vocals way bigger than her body, CLOVER wisps you away into her own sonic world. Inspired by the likes of Lake Street Dive, Lianne La Havas, Amy Winehouse, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell, she warmly welcomes you with a blend of soul, rock, and pop that echoes timelessness. Living in Brooklyn from 2018-2020, CLOVER frequently played shows at beloved venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, and Pete's Candy Store. After releasing her debut single “This Love” in early 2020, she decided to leave the city and travel around the country while safely bringing music to the public during the pandemic through street performance. From trailheads to mountaintops and cities to beaches, CLOVER has performed in 22 states. To see if CLOVER is playing in a public space near you, check her Instagram!


"I have always felt light and beauty emanate from CLOVER, through her voice, energy, and adventurous spirit."
- Tides Magazine 2021

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Let's take it back to 1996 when CLOVER was born into a home with parents who were devoted to providing an eclectic soundscape for raising a child. From deep house music to Lauryn Hill, and ambient noise to Joni Mitchell, CLOVER's ears were flooded with all kinds of music from a very young age. By age 2 she was running around the house singing Annie and The Sound of Music and at 6 years old she performed for the first time - "Lady Madonna" by The Beatles at her school talent show. CLOVER ran off the stage crying into her mother's arms. It was this moment, overwhelmed by the power of music, that changed her life forever. A tumultuous upbringing with complex family dynamics led her to start writing her own songs to process her emotions around age 12. She performed them at open mics, coffee houses, and private events all through middle school, high school, and college. In 2018, the summer after graduating from Bard College, CLOVER was invited to participate in NBC's The Voice. She spent a month in LA filming for the show before she decided to leave prior to the premiere and fly home. This was a defining moment for CLOVER and her career, as she realized the importance of her independence and the power of having complete control over her music and image (something that she noticed was severely lacking throughout her experience at The Voice). Since then, CLOVER has fluidly moved through her independent artistry with grace and innovation. In the fall of 2018 she moved to Brooklyn, NY where she frequently performed in all of our favorite NYC venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Pete's Candy Store, and PIANOS, and made an appearance on WNYC's The Greene Space for Next Best Thing. Her more recent music touches on complex yet relatable day-to-day experiences in hopes of inspiring others to feel less alone, express themselves fully, question social norms, and challenge stereotypes about women (view her 2021 Tiny Desk Contest Entry to hear "My Kind of Woman"). In June of 2020, her job as a Songwriting and Mindfulness Teacher went virtual so she decided to leave Brooklyn, NY and share her music around the country through street performance with her partner Dani (SUNDREAM). Her songs about female empowerment and her image in general have inspired female-identifying people across the country. She plans to continue to focus on gender-related topics and release more music with inspirational and controversial themes. Her passion for progressive art isn't confined to the medium of music. While on the road, CLOVER was troubled by how unsustainable merch can be, so she decided to get creative and learn how to upcycle and handmake all of her own merchandise. This includes naturally dyed and screen printed t-shirts and clothes, notebooks, and posters. After a year of playing her music all around the country, CLOVER is back in the NYC area playing shows, busking, and recording. Her newest song "I Don't Use Your Name" came out September 17th.



Latest Release 9/17/21

Anticipating an upcoming breakup, I wrote this song in the dingy basement of my Brooklyn apartment with a choir of tinkling water pipes that lined the walls. I shared a demo of it with my ex the very night we parted ways - he loved it. Soon after, I shared it with my producer Evan and we recorded it at his studio in Hoboken.

About "I Don't Use Your Name"

“I Don’t Use Your Name” is the Indie R&B song you blast alone in your room when you’re going through that breakup you saw coming from a mile away. It’s a sweet release, with a touch of sass to get you through it with a newfound confidence in your independence. With layers of harmonies and synths like the rushing swells of a river carrying you from one side to the other, the song itself is a soulful 4 minute and 13 second transition from grief to growth.


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Phone: (609) 802 6852

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