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"You are human. Flowing, everchanging, and expanding. Your genre may shift, your “brand” may bend, but this should be on your terms. Always."
(Nyota Magazine interview, April 2021)

CLOVER was featured in Tides Magazine for the release of "Sunman". Click here to read the full article. 

CLOVER joins Nate Runkel for Season 2 Episode 5 of Yo! That's My Jawn 

Nomad Indie Songstress 

"CLOVER is a budding indie singer-songwriter who in the last year left NYC and hit the road, busking her way across the US in her Subaru Outback.  She is currently spending her time in Ojai, CA before heading back to the Hudson Valley NY area.  CLOVER‘s music brings a unique and refreshing blend of relaxing songwriting set to a carefree jazzy, soulful pop feel."

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