CLOVER is a singer-songwriter originally from a small river town in New Jersey. Captivating and perplexing, with vocals way bigger than her body, CLOVER wisps you away into her own sonic world. She warmly welcomes you with a blend of soul, rock, and pop that echoes timelessness. Living in Brooklyn from 2018-2020, CLOVER frequently played shows at beloved venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, and Pete's Candy Store. After releasing her debut single “This Love” in early 2020, she decided to leave Brooklyn and busk her way across the country. Some of her current stages have included mountaintops of North Carolina, trailheads of Colorado, the steps of Red Rocks Amphitheater, beaches of California, and the back of a Subaru Outback. Her newest single "Sunman" and music video are out now! Check instagram to find out where she is currently (it changes often since she's a nomad).